…and then it started.

Posted: May 10, 2011 in Uncategorized

I often wonder about perceptions.  How people see one another or myself.  Its probably a big reason I have spent a good deal of my life working in the arts.  The other side of the coin is that, deep down, I’m a very solitary person.  Always have been.  My mother told me a story, not that long ago, how I would spend hours in my room playing by myself.  Often I would read comic books(X-men!) or something involving action figures of which I had quite a few.

As a grown man(at least physically) I have continued that trend of spending much of my time alone, but always looking at others and how they act and react.

…I would have a made a great profiler(I loves me some Criminal Minds).

Lately I’ve been attempting to reverse the process that has carried my through all these years.  Trying to be more social.  Not always dissecting people’s actions.  Its not always easy, as I’ve also had a strong urge to NOT be around people.  Call it a phobia.  I don’t like crowds.  I often get a need to leave a conversation for no reason other than I feel that I must get moving.  No destination.  Just got to get going.

Now, what has all this drivel have to do with photography you ask?  Great question!

My photos have always been, in many subtle ways, as much about me as they are about the subjects.  Always dissecting others also means seeing how I fit into the landscape.  I love shooting friends, as I have a comfort level with them.  I have a hard time shooting people I don’t know, well, because I don’t know them.  They are a mystery to me. A stranger.  I have no connection and that is the same feeling I have when I feel that I must get moving.

Now, being in a place where I don’t know as many people as I once did(although more people than I have in a long time), if I am to continue shooting and making art that speaks to me and about me, I need to find a happy medium.  Some people might say, “Just work at getting over it and meet more people”.  Well, after this many years, I’ll settle for happy medium.

I have shot some old friends in the past while(thank you all again).  And I have met some new folks that I might like to work with.  So, only time will tell.

…wish me luck.

Oh, I almost forgot.  The new photos will be amazing!


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