Rinse and Repeat

Posted: May 14, 2011 in Uncategorized

When I was young and had no idea that other people in the world mattered, I had the crazy idea that things didn’t exist till I had experienced them. Be it a place or a flavour of ice cream it only sprang in to being once I had stepped on it or licked its surface(These work for both land and ice cream).

As I got older I found out that some philosipher guy thought this up long before me, however, I had refined this logic to include the idea that: materials are finite and recycling things makes a lot of sense. Why leave an entire town intact if I’m in the next province. So, stone cement and french vanilla all would be disassembled and reformed in a new place and new looks. This also meant that I wasn’t truly experiencing new things and places but seeing the old again.

This old way of thinking came flooding back this week as it seems the east coast has been reconstituted from the west coast. Why? Because its been overcast for two weeks and the sun has disappeared, just like Vancouver in January.

…This isn’t bad light or weather for shooting certain things, but as a person who is getting set to do a series of landscape and nature shots this blows chucky bits of rocky road.

Its going to be a tough haul getting anything photographic done this week to add to my photo blog… and I now have a strange craving for gelato.


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