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This week could be challenging.  Aside from the last photoshoot for the year at Windsor Theatre, I’ve some floors that need refinishing and the and I’ve a very bad flu.  Plus, I was planning on putting together this year’s “Windsor Theatre Year in Review” book, but sitting for more than a few minutes in front of the radiation machine(computer) sucks the life right out of me.  Now, if only the store would deliver me orange juice.


I was wandering around today, killing time while waiting for the local photo store to open when a friend stopped me and asked if I’d like to go to a party this weekend. “Its an Andy Warhol theme costume party” I was told and she asked if I’d come and take some pictures.

Now I’m not the most social creature on the planet, but when a good photo opportunity comes up its important to grab them. Especially if you like portraiture. The hardest thing I have found is getting people to stand in front of the camera. Its tough getting a person who will understand your vision(or lack of one) and let you use them to create something. I really think there is some remaining subconscious belief that photos steal your soul. Or, it could simply be, people don’t want to be seen. And by “seen” I mean exposing some inner quality rather than just an outward one. Our society, even with all our advances, has become insular. Be it though the internet or our distrust of “others” we have closed ourselves off from other individuals at times.

I count myself in this group as well. I love the internet and have stayed staring at my computer rather than going outside and meeting people. Not a great choice for an artist. But my own introversion has help me clarify, in my own mind, why I do retreat at times rather than advancing.

This brings me back to the party. I tend to not go to such things with my camera as I worry about damaging it. It would be difficult to replace and expensive. But an opportunity like this doesn’t come every day. And as I also spent the last month shooting buildings and trees I’m sooo ready for some human contact.
…and maybe a beer….two beer.


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I finished the images for the postcards with 2 weeks left in the month. Not too shabby. The weather didn’t cooperate, but I’ll get even with it one day(You hear that mother nature!*finger*)
So, on to the next project. Since I have 2 weeks of “extra” time, I’m going to use it to get some images of my own done. No spoilers, but I do have a couple of models that I’ve been wanting to shoot for a while now and this might be the time.
I also want to remind people that any images you see on this site can be purchased(numbered, signed and framed). Just contact me at:


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The summer is finally starting to get warm. I thought for a moment I may have moved below the equator and had skipped summer and jumped right in to winter.
The new postcard images are coming along great! Sadly, I can’t show you them yet. Not till they are published. But I’ll throw up some images that I wont be using, that are still nice. I’ve got 3 weeks left to shoot like a madman, then I need to get some more money rolling in.

Its Official!!!

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As of yesterday I have been asked to create new images for the town’s postcard series which will be in book form. Yes, a book made of postcards. Crazy? Perhaps. But I do not shrink from the crazy. I embrace it, straighten its clown nose and help it put on its floppy shoes.
I’ve also been speaking with a local woman who happens to build her own costumes for comic-con type gatherings and, perhaps, S&M clubs… I don’t judge.
So between her, the postcard-book and finishing my “Sackville at Night” project”, the month of July looks to be getting downright insane.

…About damn time!

The Subtler Side of Art

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I’d like to find a better way of working. And by working I really mean traveling and hanging out with women in dark bars that smell like beer and mahogany. I think I may have come up with my next photo series.

See? There is no great mystery to creating art. Its taking an idea and running with it, capturing it, or translating it to whatever medium you want to use.

I have always found the hardest part to be shooting people. I love doing it, but I am at their whim as far as the when and where. I hate waiting. I have a ton of patience(I once waited 3 hours for a ride to come while I stood in front of a cart full of groceries.) but I love to be spontaneous with my work. Perhaps, that too, is an idea I need to run with more often.

Stop the (Macho) Madness!

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Today, a great in professional wrestling passed. Randy “The Macho Man” Savage(Randy Poffo was his real name).

I was a big fan of wrestling growing up. Still am today, but not for the same reasons. Back then, it was about the spectacle. Now, its about the skills of the performers. Looking back, few had both. Randy was one of the few.

Its odd that just yesterday I came up with the idea for some new photos involving wrestling.  You can see the first of them here:

Yes, the weather is shit. Good new is, its going to finally let up this week. FINALLY! I’ve already started some bookings for photos on the days that it is supposed to be nice and I can’t wait to get out and start shooting.

…But, lets get our heads out of the clouds a bit sooner than then and look to the future.

I have a number of projects on the go.  One involving the town, one on religion and one on lesbians.  I read that sentence and all I can think is, “I don’t do anything easy do I”.  Oh, and also trying to save for a new camera and a long overdue trip to Toronto.  Busy while standing still; waiting for the rain to end.

I’ll be off to Halifax next week and I’m thinking of doing some shooting in Halifax the following weekend.

Anyone interested in booking a session can reach me at

Rinse and Repeat

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When I was young and had no idea that other people in the world mattered, I had the crazy idea that things didn’t exist till I had experienced them. Be it a place or a flavour of ice cream it only sprang in to being once I had stepped on it or licked its surface(These work for both land and ice cream).

As I got older I found out that some philosipher guy thought this up long before me, however, I had refined this logic to include the idea that: materials are finite and recycling things makes a lot of sense. Why leave an entire town intact if I’m in the next province. So, stone cement and french vanilla all would be disassembled and reformed in a new place and new looks. This also meant that I wasn’t truly experiencing new things and places but seeing the old again.

This old way of thinking came flooding back this week as it seems the east coast has been reconstituted from the west coast. Why? Because its been overcast for two weeks and the sun has disappeared, just like Vancouver in January.

…This isn’t bad light or weather for shooting certain things, but as a person who is getting set to do a series of landscape and nature shots this blows chucky bits of rocky road.

Its going to be a tough haul getting anything photographic done this week to add to my photo blog… and I now have a strange craving for gelato.

Waiting for the sun

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Sometimes the hardest thing to do is wait.  Wait for someone to show up or something to happen.  Today is one of those days.  The thing I am waiting for is that giant ball of gas up in the sky that seems to refuse to play fair.

Now, I fully understand that placing blame on a natural phenomenon is like Hitting your head against a wall to make the voices stop.  All you are doing is distracting yourself from the truth that things can be out of your control and that the voices are really there to help, no matter who they say to kill(Shh!  I have to sharpen my cleever first!)

Still I hate to keep people waiting and today I have 2 clients who are waiting along with me for the sun to peak out from behind the clouds and say, “Ok, take your pictures already so I can get back to what the voices want”.

…Wait, I got mixed up somewhere.

Anywho, in the time I started writing this it is getting a bit lighter out and I may yet be good to go!

See!  Listen to that little voice in your head!  It knows whats best for you.


*Grabs camera bag and cleever*